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Michael was hired to score three mini-films for KPMG, the international accounting firm. When KPMG learned he intended to record the anthem he had composed for them with a live orchestra, they got excited because they felt it was a metaphor for their employees working together. So, the agency involved, Arcade Creative, hired filmmaker Austin Smithard to shoot the session.

Another of the films tells some of the moving stories of people who work at the firm, many of whom were the first in their family to go to college. It was shot by Arcade’s Sam Erickson using a special screen that allowed the people being interviewed to look at the interviewer but appear to be looking straight into the camera.

Later, they hired piano virtuoso Lang Lang to play the piece at their international conference in Beijing. The orchestra film and the two others were later released on the internet to celebrate when KPMG became the number one accounting firm in the world.

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